• PAIRS: Because great relationships don't happen by accident.
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  • PAIRS: Because great relationships don't happen by accident.
  • PAIRS: Because great relationships don't happen by accident.
  • PAIRS.
  • PAIRS: Because great relationships don't happen by accident.
  • PAIRS: Because great relationships don't happen by accident.

Thanking My Role Model

By Erika, 9
Liberty City Elementary School
Miami, Florida

Father’s Day is meaningful to me because you can spend time with your family. The best thing about Father’s Day is to give your father a gift. You have to get him a watch or something he values.

I want  to  be  like  my dad  because  he  has  very  good  manners. He always has respect for other people which makes me look up to him. My father values me, my mom, my sisters, and my brother. The reason why we all value each other is because we care and respect each other. That’s why Father’s Day is meaningful to me.

Father’s Day is also a chance to write dad a letter to tell him that he is so special to me. When my dad has his big, giant hands around me cuddling me, I know I’m special to him too. My dad is a gentleman. He really knows how to treat my mom in a good way. That’s why I, my mom and my other relatives love my dad so much. He inspires me and he is my role model.  These are some of the reasons Father’s Day is meaningful to me.

Behind the Glass

By Xavier, 10
School Withheld
Miami, Florida

I get mad on Father’s Day. Really I get mad for days before it gets here. Some others are writing letters, getting cards or making presents.

I don’t know all too much about you paps, but I know when I think of you as my dad, specially around Father’s Day, I get plenty mad.

I think it’s been a year since grandma took me up to see you behind that glass. I still wonder why you were all smiling when I wasn’t happy at all. What was there to smile for when it took us hours on a hot bus to get to you, was gonna take more hours to get home, and you wasn’t coming home with us. Not then, not now, not for a long time if ever.

I don’t know what got you there. Momma says one thing. Grandma says another. Truthfully, I don’t think I care.

I do know you haven’t been here for me when I was scared, sick and hungry. I know when I wanted to be able to talk to you, that wasn’t gonna happen at all.

I know when I needed advice about something, you weren’t anywhere around to ask.

I know when I got picked on, I had to hunker and hide cause you can’t help me.

How come I don’t know you but I miss you? I don’t even know what I miss cause I don’t remember what there is to miss.

Maybe I miss what we could have. I don’t know. Just know it makes me sad.

I’m thinking I'll ask grandma to bring me back up soon. The bus, the heat, I guess I don’t really care. Maybe this time when you see me you’ll tell me what you’re smiling for so I can smile too.

I miss you dad even though I’m mad.

But you’re my dad. My one. My only.

I love you dad. Please come home soon.


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