• PAIRS: Because great relationships don't happen by accident.
  • PAIRS Essentials in Fort Lauderdale June 25-26, 2016.
  • PAIRS: Because great relationships don't happen by accident.
  • PAIRS: Because great relationships don't happen by accident.
  • PAIRS.
  • PAIRS: Because great relationships don't happen by accident.
  • PAIRS: Because great relationships don't happen by accident.

The mission of PAIRS is to teach those attitudes, emotional understandings and behaviors that nurture and sustain healthy relationships and to make this knowledge broadly available on behalf of a safer, saner, more loving world. Since 2018, Purpose Built Families Foundation, a CARF-accredited, 501(c3) nonprofit, has been exclusively responsible for worldwide training, distribution, licensure, and oversight of the full range of PAIRS intellectual properties.

Seth Daniel Eisenberg


Seth Eisenberg is President and CEO of the nonprofit Purpose Built Families Foundation, former CEO of PAIRS Foundation, a leading National Trainer and author in the field of relationship skills training, and grateful cancer survivor. He oversees Operation Sacred Trust, a collaborative initiative significantly funded by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Supportive Services for Veteran Families program to end homelessness for Veteran families. From 2006-2011, Eisenberg served as Project Director of the $5 million PAIRS Relationship Skills for Strong South Florida Families grant project, funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.

Eisenberg has trained more than 1,500 PAIRS Instructors and led classes to many thousands of teens and adults. He is known nationally for his ability to inspire and create safety for groups of all sizes, backgrounds, and stages of relationship to help them powerfully connect with themselves and loved ones on behalf of lasting breakthroughs in relationship satisfaction.

His service to active-duty military and Veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq has been recognized on numerous occasions, including in 2009 as a VA Best Practice. The intensive PAIRS Essentials curriculum he developed has since been replicated through programs nationwide led by many of the nearly 500 VA Chaplains and behavioral health professionals he's trained.

Eisenberg is equally at ease and effective with groups as large and diverse as hundreds of deploying Soldiers and spouses, elementary, middle and high school students, singles, couples, and families in highly distressed urban communities, couples on the verge of separation or divorce, and teams working within visionary enterprises.

Eisenberg's early training in the field of relationship skills education included hundreds of hours with PAIRS Founder Lori Gordon and personal experiences with leading pioneers in the field of marriage and family development, including Psychiatrist Daniel Casriel and Virginia Satir, that profoundly impacted his work as a course facilitator and National Trainer.

In addition to writing hundreds of articles on marriage and relationship education, Eisenberg has authored and co-authored some of the nation's leading multi-lingual, research-validated relationship skills classroom and professional training programs for the public, educators, and professionals, including:

  • PAIRS Essentials (2008), a nine-hour launch program for marriage education in Florida, California, and communities nationwide that is delivered to thousands of participants annually, selected in 2009 as Best Practice in Marriage Enrichment by the Veterans Administration.
  • For Our Future, For Our Family (2007), a 30-hour curriculum that is one of a select group of programs included in a rigorous multi-year ACF Supporting Healthy Marriages (SHM) study that will be published by MDRC in early 2012.
  • PAIRS for LIFE (2006), an 18-hour, multi-week skills training program for couples and singles in all stages of relationship combining classroom training with technical reinforcement and graduate programs.
  • PAIRS for PEERS (1999, 2008), a ten session skills training program with adaptations for elementary, middle and high schools students designed to foster healthy relationships and responsible decision-making.
  • TEAMS (2000), an enterprise-wide training program that enhances workplace communication, team-building, constructive conflict resolution, emotional understanding and literacy.
  • PAIRS Passion Playbook (2009), an intensive weekend retreat for committed couples seeking to enhance sensual, sexual and romantic connection on behalf of greater passion and intimacy.

Eisenberg is also a contributing author to Building Intimate Relationships (Brunner Routledge, 2001). In June 2010, he provided testimony to the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Income Security and Family Support regarding the impact of PAIRS training on low-income communities.

Earlier in his career, Eisenberg served as executive director of a New York-based national Jewish organization, working closely with the highest levels of government both in the U.S. and Israel, and served as a member of the prestigious Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish organizations. He is a past National Conference President of Junior Achievement, a nationwide economic education program serving more than 500,000 high school students, and former vice president of USTrading Corporation, where he helped leading American manufacturers develop sales, distribution and joint ventures in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. In his former career as a journalist, Eisenberg served as editor of Louisville's COMMUNITY newspaper and as a reporter covering Capitol Hill for Washington Radio and Press Bureau. Eisenberg's other public activities include service as a former elected chair of the National Writers Union and elected regional official of the United Auto Workers Technical, Office, and Professional Division.

He remains an active member of the South Florida community, where he has served on the Board of the YMCA, chaired the annual Partners with Youth Scholarship and Heroes of the Red Cross campaigns, coached youth athletics, and advised various public and private enterprises, including the Daniel Cantor Wultz Foundation, the Israel Voices Project that documented and addressed the impact of trauma on victims of terrorism, and 411-KIDS, a volunteer organization he established to help homeless youth living on the streets of South Florida.

Eisenberg, his wife, Stephanie, and three sons, Alexander (1989), Michael (1992), and Zachary (2009) live in North Miami Beach, Florida. His hobbies include photography, writing, and technology. He is a frequent contributor to FatherhoodChannel.com and also publishes on Medium.com.

He can be reached by email at seth@pbfamilies.org.

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